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Tech2go: refreshing a brand

Nothing stands still in the world of technology and brands which want to stay relevant need to keep up with the pace. This is even more important when your retail outlet lies in a busy and vibrant international airport.

Tech2go is a tech accessory and gadgets store located in airports across Australia and catering to the flying traveller. The company realised it was time to update and refresh its store concept to meet the demands and expectations of today’s highly informed consumers.

We began our update with the Brisbane Tech2go outlet.

The design of the store needed to present an ultramodern image to match their high-end products yet be enticing enough to invite all travellers to browse the technology and seek expert advice.

From the initial visual impact through to the store layout, Tech2go needed to clearly show they were quite different to brands like JB Hi-Fi, offering a more premium product with expert customer advice.

What needed to change.

The Tech2go branding and logo was well recognised and trusted, however, the shop layout didn’t cater to the experiential and social needs of customers and travellers. The retailer’s presentation no longer reflected the vision and excitement of the high-end technology inside. It didn’t reach the youthful market which loves new technology.

We focused on three key areas.

  • External appearance which promises an exciting sensory experience

  • Internal layout which encourages people to immerse themselves in technology

  • Balancing the edginess of technology with a fun environment which encourages travellers to explore the products.

How we did it.

The layout.

The store is visually and physically open to view so travellers can see into the interior of the store and recognise brands familiar to them. The floor layout is clean and minimal as is the colour palette, reflecting modern industrial-tech influences. There is nothing to distract from the product brands.

We want to retain the feeling of excitement generated by travel, so we incorporated views through windows at the back of the store, These not only add natural light into the shop, but they allow people to see the tarmac and glimpses of the runway and planes.

Central to the layout is a darker 'pathway' inviting customers to enter and leading them to a feature wall bay highlighting the newest 'in' products exclusive to Tech2go.

Clever lighting.

Colourful, changing light is an important part of the technology experience for today’s travellers so we incorporated it into our design.

A central glazed shop window at the front of the store features a premium product on an illuminated plinth.

The shopfront is defined by a vibrant colour changing LED ribbon which also unifies the shopfront elements.

Eye-catching acrylic lighting features with edge-lighting highlight the main branded display fixture which regularly changes to maintain customer interest.

The store has a full-height LED screen on the shopfront display stand, and a curved LED screen within the store entices customers to enter and can be used to display engaging graphics and branding.

Building an experience.

No matter how good a place looks, it’s the experience it delivers which turns a visitor into a customer. We created a warm, textural and sophisticated ambience with a stone floor and concrete walls, offset with ambient lighting features, subtly making visitors feel welcome and comfortable.

Open displays encourage customers to experience the different products, testing headphones and essential tech accessories to find what they like. Backed with expert sales advice, the customers have all the information they need before making their choice.

Standardised wall bays lining the store allow the brands to customise their own display whilst maintaining a consistent look and feel for the Tech2go brand. Open displays give more presence to the well-known brands like Bose, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Apple and Sony. This makes shopping easier for the hurried travellers to easily find a brand they know and love and buy with confidence.

The new Tech2go retail store branding is now futuristic and fun, incorporating the customer immersion and sensory experience they need in their exploration of technology.

Our task.

Create a curated offer of exclusive products with expert advice and essential tech accessories for all types of customer from holidaying families to astute business travellers.

A focused selection of travel-related technology accessories tailor-made for travellers

​The design of Tech2go store plays an important part in the overall story of the concept, bringing customers into a futuristic, high tech, yet social retail experience. Young, playful and technical, the store design also focuses on interaction, with the Headphone Wall Bay, a highly valuable asset for technology outlets. Digital tools are displayed in the store, helping time-pressed travellers choose the right products efficiently. In addition, lifestyle images placed on walls, balance the “tech“ aspect of the store and fuels proximity with the customer. ​


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