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LED innovations in retail interiors.

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

The right retail store lighting plays an important role in customer experience and store profitability. Window lighting and signage as well as product display lighting capture customer attention, allowing retailers to direct it towards preferred promotions. The light in which those products are presented directly influences customer purchase decisions.

While that has been true since lights were invented, things have changed.

Lighting isn’t static anymore. There’s a brave new world beyond the outdated spotlight. Modern lighting seems to live, breathe, take on different shapes and colours, dancing and moving across any space you give it.

Efficient and exciting, innovative LED lighting is combining light with digital technology and changing the look, function and customer appeal of modern shops. Today’s consumers are digitally connected to the world and clever retailers are tapping into this communication opportunity and delivering a physical as well as the digital shopping experience.

While there are many examples of LED innovation in retail interiors, here are five truly exciting ones to watch.

Curved LED screens:

In our work with Tech2go we used LED lighting in many ways and one of the most exciting is a curved LED screen which adds colour, movement and energy to the space. Because customers can see the screen from every point in the store, it’s easy to promote brands and specific products.

What does it look like? Have a look at this video from JDS who supplied and installed the technology. The energy and excitement of the display is palpable.

Transparent LED screens:

Capable of huge and dazzling displays, transparent LED screens are a clever solution for creating video screens which won’t block sightlines through the store. Transparent, they can turn any window, lift bay or interior wall into an advertising screen with a minimalist style which complements any environment. They are a practical solution when space is limited, and their large size means the retail message is clearly visible from a distance as well as close up. See how Lymlive uses transparent LED screens for maximum impact.

Even more exciting is the display at NEXEN UniverCity’s lobby display which creates a mood and emotional reaction aligned with their brand personality. Visitors are instantly immersed in the brand message.

Interactive screens:

Interactive LED screens allow retailers to take personalisation to the next level, delivering immediate customer experience. Customers can use the screens to help them find a product, navigate the store and to learn more about an item before they make a buying decision.

Some retailers have gone further and paired digital technology and sensors with the screens to deliver personalised information to customers. They can be triggered to deliver more information according to the customer’s actions providing timely and truly targeted marketing Belgian shoe store Torfs uses interactive screens to enhance the customer shopping experience.

3d floating holograms:

Retailers are bringing products to life using 3D floating holograms which hover in the air in the customer’s line of vision. Here’s an example of a hologram which was created and installed by Hypervsn. Apart from the dramatic visual impact, 3D holograms can deliver a lot of product information to the customer in just a few moments. Despite the futuristic appearance of the 3D hologram, the system takes up little space and can be mounted on ceilings, walls and shelves.

The 3D experience can be taken further by incorporating virtual reality. Retail brand Natuzziuses this combination in their augmented showroom. They take the customer straight into a digital version of their home to virtually place the furniture pieces to see how they fit.

Remote controlled colour changing LED lighting:

Why stay with one light colour when it can be changed in a moment? Colour-changing LED lighting allows retailers to completely change the look and feel of a store or display via remote control. Control the visual accents in the store, control the strength as well as colour intensity of the lighting, and influence the mood of the shopper. Control the tempo of the colour change to create a relaxed environment or add a feeling of pace and urgency. Create visual interest in a large space with a big lighting display which constantly changes colour.

LED lighting lets retailers display products with crisp visuals, dynamic presentation, and which is smart and integrated to fit with today’s shoppers. It’s powerful, changeable and completely customisable to any location.

The team at Dovetail Design understands the nuances of retail lighting and is available to work with retailers who want to create a truly customised shopping experience for their visitors.

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